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Climate Change, a Challenge for the Christian?by Laurence Kimpton – £2 inc. p&p.
Laurence is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, having been a teacher of Geography, an author of Geography textbooks and a contributor to educational projects on climate change in polar regions.
The purpose of this booklet is to discuss the Christian’s response to climate change. As a foundation to a discussion of the various issues involved, the first half of the booklet contains a clear introduction to the science behind climate change and global warming, illustrated with helpful diagrams.
(A5 booklet, 44 pages)

Praying to Jesus by Les Boddy – £2 inc. p&p.
I am well aware that Christadelphians generally address their prayers to God, our Heavenly Father, through or in the name of Jesus Christ. Having been a Christadelphian for over 50 years, I am also familiar with the arguments put forward in our community to support the view that prayers should only be addressed to God and never to Jesus. It is to this latter view that I take exception, being convinced that there is sufficient evidence in the New Testament to allow that Jesus’s disciples may pray to him without feeling that they are bypassing God or dishonouring Him. This booklet is offered in the hope that it might enlarge our understanding and lead us to a richer relationship with the One who died for us. I invite readers to consider carefully the evidence put forward in it and, if they so wish, to respond with frank criticism, whether negative or positive.
(A5 booklet, 28 pages)

Christ in you, the Hope of Glory by Sheila Harris – £1
This booklet is a sequel to Jeus Christ, the same yesterday and today and forever, which aimed at portraying Jesus in his earthly ministry through the Gospels.
This is designed to show that Paul in his ministry and letters is reflecting the spirit of the Master – the same sympathetic understanding in meeting people in their own situations and personalities, to raise them up to the likeness of the lord – to see Christ in Paul, in the believer and in us.

The Most Important Doctrine of All by Ron Coleman – £1.20

The Power of the Risen Lord (2000) by Sheila Harris – £1
A Christadelphian Study.
(12 pages)

The Master’s Touch (2003) by Sheila Harris – £1
This booklet is designed to be a sequel to The Joy of Salvation. It aims to show how this joyful message of liberation and acceptance was received by the people whom Jesus encountered.
The apostles continued this work in their preaching and writing, applying their message of hope and joy to the personal, individual needs of the recipients.
This provides us with a challenge of how to go out into our world to answer its needs, problems, frustrations, fears and hopes with the good news of salvation.
(12 pages)

Christadelphia Redivivus (1959. Published 1999) by George McHaffie – £1.50
As we Christadelphians enter our third century in world history, how should we reassess our past and prepare for the future?
(35 pages)

Brethren Indeed? (2001) by Ruth McHaffie – £2

Christadelphians and ‘Outsiders’ (16th – 21st century).
48 pages. Extracts from Finding Founders and Facing Facts.

The Legacy of Eden (2002) by Mark Robertson – £2
The meaning of the fall in human life.
(42 pages)

God’s Will and Human Freedom (1996. Revised and reprinted 2001) by Paul Wasson – £2
Unraveling a Scriptural paradox.
(42 pages)

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday etc. by Sheila Harris – £2